Much of the inspiration and motivation is drawn from the ethos of simplicity and wholesomeness that the rural Indian ways of life offer. To the observant, it becomes evident that the indigenous lifestyle and practices were based on the fine understanding that everything around is interconnected. In local cultures ; people, their belongings, their sentiments  and environment were all intricately woven in the same thread.

As a Textile Designer I work extensively with different craft based communities in India. In 2019, I got the opportunity to work on initiatives for crafts revival in Firozpur district of Punjab, as a part of a HDFC Bank CSR intiative- ‘Parivartan’. This involved working  closely with the woven artisans for the revival of Punja Dhurries in the district. 

Later in 2021 I decided to carry forward this initiative and created The Mango Tree. It combines my love for sustainable design and my desire towards helping women in rural India become self-reliant.Since the very beginning of this initiative we have worked with locally grown and spun organic cotton , as our key raw material.

Reviving the craft value chain for the contemporary and modern audience is our key focus area.