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The Weavers of Joy

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Panja dhurries are woven by the women of the villages in Punjab and Haryana . They learn the craft from the elderly in their family . Most girls learn weaving in their teens as they start weaving dhurries for their wedding trousseau.

Just like a piece of art is believed to be an extension of the artist’s thoughts and personality, the bold and bright aesthetic of panja durries is a direct reflection of the women who weave them. The village women in north India are strong headed, expressive and confident . They are cheerful ,lively at heart and live every experience to the fullest. Their uncluttered and symmetric layouts of the dhurries are reflective of their confident and self assured personalities.

They lead very active lives,they run households, take care of their children and families while supporting the men in the farm work. They welcome people from outside their community with great warmth and love sharing their traditions and culture with them.

Their expressive nature and a witty sense of humor help them embrace the lights and lows of life.


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