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The World Of Panja Dhurries

Imaginative and bold in their color usage and aesthetic , the Panja dhurries have been woven for generations by women of North Indian villages . Dhurries were traditionally woven by the women as a part of their bridal trousseau that they would take to their future homes.

The credit of preserving this tradition of weaving dhurries goes exclusively to the women . Young girls are taught the craft of weaving by the elderly women of the family . A young teenage girl takes about two to five years to weave the dhurries for her bridal trousseau ,often assisted by her mother. The mothers pour their love and warmth in weaving these dhurries as they are to be carried and treasured life long by their daughters .

Since they were woven mostly for household use and not commercial purpose, dhurrie weaving as a craft is largely unknown outside the states where it is practiced.


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